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I am super sorry that I haven’t been more on top of this. To be honest I was bummed that more of us were not involved and so I just kind of let it stop. I want to do thing like this as a network, I believe it is important for us. Thanks to all of you who have posted on Linchpin and on how you are doing personally and as a program. Here is the last post from Kim, then we will see you at WAVES.

Linchpin – Pages 231-236

Wow, we are at the end. I have loved reading all your posts and hearing more of your heart as we try to do this thing we call Mission Adventures. I feel a little bit of pressure, as the last blog post in this series (I know Phil has plans for the future), to sum up this blog well. Anyone that knows me will know that writing is not my strong point (maybe the reason I married a writer so he would do it for me). So here goes:

As I read this book, especially these last few pages, I often found myself thinking I am so glad that I have a job that makes a difference, that changes people etc. That I often found myself agreeing with what Seth has written without asking the really hard questions about the area’s of my life that are stuck in a rut. A few years ago my husband went through burn out. It had to be the scariest time of our ministry, where we really started to ask some really hard questions about ourselves, each other and the way we do ministry. We realised some facts: My husband joined YWAM when he was 17 straight out of high school (and has never left) and I joined YWAM when I was 18 one semester through my degree and decided not to return to my degree. In that moment of burn out my husband especially, but me as well, had given 10 years to YWAM and wasn’t qualified for anything else.

Now I realise if we were thinking clearly there are other jobs we could do and we aren’t in YWAM because we have no other option but it was a scary thought. The reason I tell you this is because I think sometimes we can hear young people saying they want to live for God or be involved in missions and then give all these reasons why it isn’t possible, parents, money, education, church support etc. and we- or at least I can down play the very real concerns they have. And yet I have just as many excuses and reasons why I continue in the rut I do. I know I need to continue to seek and change the area’s of my life in which I am living “average” and not presuming that because I am working for an amazing ministry that doesn’t do things the way the world does that I can ride that coat tail and not live the way God created me to live.

The result of this art, these risks, the gifts and the humanity coming together is both wonderful and ironic. The result of getting back in touch with our pre-commercial selves will actually create a post-commercial world that feeds us, enriches us and gives us the stability we’ve been seeking for so long.


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  1. Thanks so much Kim, see you in 6 days

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