from our friend Laura

Pages 191-200

I really like this whole chapter, “Making the Choice.” There’s a lot in it that I can identify with … making your own agenda and challenging the status quo. I like when Godin talks about responding to the opportunities and challenges of the outside world, because it really is our choice in how we respond that dictates whether or not we are linchpins.

Cheers and thanks Laura

One of the parts that stick out to me the most is “More Cowbells” (funny skit!). Godin says, “The funny this is that learning how to add joy, create art, or contribute humanity is a lot easier than learning how to pay the guitar. For some reason, we work on the technique before we worry about adding the joy.” I can relate to this, because I like to distract myself by perfecting a technique and use imperfection as an excuse to hold back. It’s easier than stepping out and singing loudly when I’m not sure if I’m hitting the right notes, or being personable and helpful even when I know I don’t have all the answers.

It’s a challenging chapter for me, because my tendency is to never step out, never sing loud, and even when I’m “sure of myself” to move forward very cautiously. But if I let those things rule my life I’m just defending the status quo. And even worse, I’m not living up to the potential God gave me.


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  1. thanks friend

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