New post from Kathy

Here is a post from Kathy in Ensenada. She hasn’t read the book, but still posted on what is going on this summer. Please pray for them this week.
The Summer’s still going! Tomorrow we start our last cycle. Our last team leaves on Aug. 23rd. We will have 32 people here!
I am sorry I really haven’t really been reading the book :/
Here’s a little update on our summer tho:
Our summer has been crazy! Last cycle was our biggest, and it was absolute madness BUT God definitely helped us to make it through!
Even tho it’s been crazy, it’s been a huge learning time for all of us. We have tried new things, and we has also used things that we have used in previous years.
We have been doing good, BUT we also know that we can always do better 🙂
The activities that have caused most impact in the teams is the passion play and the experiencing injustice night.
Sorry, I am not too good at writing, BUT that’s a very brief summary of what’s been happening 🙂

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