Page 115-125 to rock to

Embracing resistance , don’t let fear control your life, the fear that pleases other people ..
I am very bad at summing things up so I will let you maybe do that but my summer is going great. I was the coordinator for sos this year and they were such an amazing team. It was a joy working with them and kinda stepping back and letting them lead teams, .Tias out of the country and I am in charge of everything , while she is gone. I am trying not to let fear be in control and embracing mission adventures full heartily the best i can….(:


2 responses to “Page 115-125 to rock to

  1. Awesome, Carianne .. I’m sure you’re doing an amazing job!
    I’m a little behind in the book, trying to catch up .. But in my catching up reading (more or less pages 90-105) I’ve been motivated to start stepping out more in the areas God’s gifted me in, not letting fear control me (that’s definitely something I need to continuously surrender to God), and using the things God’s put in me to glorify Him and to change the world around me. I blogged on it on my website the other day, and linked to it with my name (not sure how it works, but I think I did!) so y’all can partake if you’d like.

  2. hey care,
    you are amazing and your heart is pure. You need not fear when you are right with the heart of God. Thanks for your reminder not to fear. I have been freaking out a little about the unknowns of this trip, and arriving in Phnom Penh today the Lord reminded me of Joy and Gratitude. Thanks so much for taking things over to allow me to be here, and grow. I miss you and love you!

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