Summer Update from Beth in Vegas

I haven’t been able to keep up to speed on Linchpin, so you’ll have to settle for an update on how life is for me personally and in the MA world in Las Vegas.
We just sent off our last teams on Friday, bringing our summer Mission Adventures to an end. It was a bitter sweet week for us, sad that we’re done for the summer but ready for a break. We’re all ready for rest and not working 16 hour days. This summer we’ve seen 120 students wrecked for missions and the gospel. It’s awesome to be able to see the growth in the students in such a short time. I love seeing God do amazing things with students as they step out in their callings.  It’s crazy to thing that one short week can have such an impact on a student; it’s the very thing that got me into missions, so I love seeing the same thing happen in other students.
We had a great summer staff crew this year which I was extremely blessed by. It’s great to have fresh hands help out and staff that are passionate and excited about ministering to the students and people on the strip. I’ll be sad to see them all leave, but I can’t wait to see what God has planned for them all in this next season of their lives.
I think that this summer has been difficult for me spiritually. I’m not good at being wise and taking the time that I need to spend with God. I often have a “Martha mindset”, just doing things and making work for myself, instead of just sitting at Jesus’ feet like Mary and letting him teach me and grow me. These past couple of weeks, I’ve felt like God hasn’t been hearing me and that I’ve been talking to a brick wall. God reminded me several times this week that He does indeed hear me and is answering prayers that I even forgot I had prayed. Even when I feel like giving up, He’s still chasing after my heart.
During our staff week we did some intercession on the strip with art that we had made to show what our prayers for the city was. It was fun dancing up and down the strip in His freedom, as we cry out for His children to come back to Him.
Hope everyone is having a great summer!!

2 responses to “Summer Update from Beth in Vegas

  1. Beth, I love your post! This line inspires me to keep going, “It’s crazy to thing that one short week can have such an impact on a student; it’s the very thing that got me into missions, so I love seeing the same thing happen in other students.”

    Can I use it on the MA Studio Blog?

  2. Thanks Craig! You can use that on the MA studio. I just noticed a typo in it, I put “thing” instead of “think”, whoops.

    Also, here’s a cool story that I just got from a team leader we had last week. Enjoy 🙂

    “Jacob was sitting in the airport and had a vision that he was going to meet Rondo from the Celtics and that he will have a red shirt on and beige capri’s. He told me this and I nodded and kinda shoved it off as nonsense and fell back to sleep. Well… in the Las Vegas airport, Jacob came running to me, he had his digital camera. He took a picture with Rondo and he asked if he could pray for him. He then proceeded to pray for Rondo!!! C’mon that is wild… “

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